A unique arcade game is now available on the App Store, a game that features an unusual premise to build some really interesting gameplay mechanics.

Blue Eden, developed by Skoobie Games, puts players in the role of a school of fishes who have to survive the different seasons under the oceans. This means that the poor fishes will have to survive four different stages full of challenges and dangers.

The unique premise of the game has allowed the team to make the four different stages quite varied. The four season are all different, after all, and so are the stages representing them. You will have to migrate, feed the fishes and avoid predators during the course of the game. The migration sections are definitely the most relaxing, while the predators’ ones are the most hectic, making gamers swipe repeatedly to avoid getting eaten.

Blue Eden features enough variation to make gamers come back and try to improve their performance. The fact that there are very few games like it on the market also help quite a bit. Some sections of the game may be less engaging than others but there’s no denying that the game is one of the most original releases of the year.

Blue Eden is now available for purchase on the App Store. The game will cost you $0.99.