Abyssrium Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get the Most Out of the Game


Abyssrium is one of the most relaxing and most beautiful games I have played recently. It’s an endless clicker like no other and you will surely love it. And I am here to help make the experience even more fun by sharing some Abyssrium cheats and tips. This complete guide will help you unlock everything in the game faster and build your perfect underwater world in no time. There are hidden fish and hidden rewards here, so you’d better read our guide!

So let’s not waste any second and let’s find out how to make a great game even better! Read on for our Abyssrium tips and cheats below!

1. Tap the fish
Whenever you see that your fish have a heart icon above their head, tap it to get some extra money! Also, if you see them with a camera icon above, take a photo. There are many hidden things in the game and taking photos will unlock them! Or at least they will reward you with a nice amount of extra money!

Pro tip: You don’t have to share the photo in order to get the money, saving it on your device works as well!

2. Hidden fish & other rewards
The first and easiest hidden fish that you can unlock is the one that you get from taking a picture of a Clownfish 3 times. There are more hidden things in the game, though, so make sure that you experiment and are active. Taking pictures of your fish and sharing those photos on social networks is the key to finding more of the hidden treasures of the deep.

3. Get all the freebies
You can get free gems or coins easily in this game: usually, watching an ad when it’s available is the easiest way to do it and you should do it as often as possible, but you will also get additional gems from connecting your Facebook account with the game and sharing photos that you take on social networks. You can also win a lot of Gems by completing achievements, so make sure that you keep an eye on them as well!

But the biggest amount of Gems you can win is from the weekly prize draws: if you take amazing photos of your game and share them on Instagram, you can win up to 10,000 gems for free. Make sure that you check out the photos submitted by other players and see the previous winners in order to have inspiration for your next photos. Usually, it’s higher level players who can take amazing photos, but you never know so always be on the lookout for that and work on the fish you have swimming around.

4. Upgrade everything
Leveling up everything is the game is the key to quick progress. Early on, focus on upgrading the Lonely Corallite and tap as much as possible on the screen in order to make money quickly. Then start working on the Corals and other plants as well since they will earn more in the long run, especially since you don’t have to do anything to get money from them. Try to think and plan upgrades in batches of 25 levels each in order to get the most out of the bonuses offered every 25 levels.

Finally, don’t forget about the Fish! Each new fish costs the same amount, so you should get extra ones based on your personal preferences. However, do know that each new fish will give you a nice bonus to your production and certain numbers are required for unlocking additional content. You can also manage your fish: simply tap the red Manage button near the indicator of how many fish you have and store or restore them as you see fit.

5. Save your game
If you want to be sure that you never lose your data, always save the game to the cloud! Simply tap the settings button and from there tap the Save to Cloud button. This way you know for sure that your progress is always saved and there’s no risk of you losing all your hard work if anything bad happens.

6. Customize your Abyssrium
When you close the menu that allows you to purchase upgrades, you will see in the bottom area of a screen something looking like a painter’s palette. Tap it and from there you can customize the looks of your entire underwater world. There are many options there, many of them being awarded for free when you reach certain milestones. Make sure you check them out to make your underworld unique and increase your chances of winning extra prizes!

These would be right now our Abyssrium tips and tricks. If you have other suggestions and strategies to share with fellow players, let us know by commenting below!

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Abyssrium Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get the Most Out of the Game


  1. I just got a hidden polar bear by sharing a pic of corilite in Rudolph costume…. Man was I surprised! There are 3 more hidden Christmas fish and l have no idea how to get them.


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