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How to Complete the Snow Master Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Despite having been released a while back, Hitman 3 continues to receive amazing support from its developer, with new content becoming available...

How to Get the Ice Pick Weapon in Hitman 3

There are lots of fascinating weapons in Hitman 3 that, if put in the right hands, could take down an enemy in...
Hitman 3

How to Complete the Cold Surprise Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

The Hokkaido Snow Festival originally made its debut in Hitman 2, but now the event has become a permanent addition to Hitman...

How to Unlock the Snow Festival Suit in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is the latest game in the Hitman franchise that offers the famous stealth gameplay for which the franchise is famous....

Hitman 3 New Update Introduces Performance Mode And More On Nintendo Switch

Hitman 3 is only available on Nintendo Switch as the Cloud Version, but this doesn't mean that this version of the game...
Hitman 3

Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Expansion Revealed

Hitman 3, the latest entry in the series developed by IO Interactive, has been released only a few months ago, and it...
Hitman 3 Cloud Version

What is Hitman 3 Cloud Version

Hitman 3 is the eighth major installment in the long Hitman series. The game made its official launch on January 20, 2021,...
The Scrap sword in Hitman 3 Berlin location is found between a few large tanks located between the Juice Bar and the Canal of Level 0. In the above map, you can find the exact location of the scrap sword. And, by chance, if you are still confused, then check out this video.

Hitman 3 Scrap Sword Location

Being creative with the kills has always been satisfying and rewarding in past Hitman games. The number of options and paths available...
Hitman 3

How To Increase Mastery Level Quickly In Hitman 3

Mastery Level is an incredibly important mechanic in Hitman 3, as not only it keeps track of how good you are in...
Hitman 3 Dubai Safe codes and door codes

Hitman 3 Dubai Location All Safe Codes and Door Codes

Hitman 3 is currently running wild in terms of sales and critics, since it's launch on January 20, 2021, it has become...

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