[UPDATE:] It appears that the Out There alien language is randomized each time you start a new game, so it’s impossible to learn it.

Knowing what the aliens say when they talk to you in Out There is an important factor since understanding them rewards you with some brand new alien technology. However, since the Out There alien language that you learn during one game is not carried to the others and it’s pretty impossible to remember all the words, I have decided to come to your help and create a list of the Out There alien language: words and their translation.

I became bright after many hours of playing and not writing down the words, so at the moment of writing this article, I only have a few to share. But it’s still better than nothing and I will write down all future words that I learn during my alien encounters and share them with you.

So right now, here are the Out There alien words translated (all aliens use the same language):

Sbidan: want
Nxecam – Iron (Fe)
Lbrmaz – Technology
Talrsu: Judges / Architects
Mgarfe: Hydrogen (H)
Oma-Ema: Death
Jac-Dan: Good
Mridar: Life
Iltdan: Friend
Baness: Want
Agaema: God
Esslma: Omega
Amklal: Fear
Danaxa: Star
Bonimn: Iron
Ema-Our: Omega (element)
Daraba: Me
Danbar: judges/architects
Lepman: friend
Danaga: we
Ourela: hydrogen
Lmasgu: life
Voehin: god
Sferad: good

Do you know any other alien words in Out There not listed in this article? Please share them with us in the comments section and I will add them to the list (thanks, Rob, for the extra words)!


  1. Danaxa: Star
    Bonimn: Iron
    Ema-Our: Omega (element)
    Daraba: Me

    Weird – looks like there might be multiple words for the same things, looking at your list.

    • Durkil: technology
      Alc-rda: you
      Kar-len: want
      Rda-kur: fear
      imnrme: death
      cttkur: good
      mgamga: good
      hinaxa: omega
      lrysgu: friend
      lbr-aga: star
      talond: want
      ess-dan: hydrogen
      nxearb: omega
      rtaira: technology
      daness: life
      rsuimn: give

      I got this really cool ship last night, it was a tree in a globe, tons of space for cargo (probably 20 slots). But I got warped away at one point to a trail of stars that eventually left me stranded. 🙁 This is a fun game, though!

  2. Learning the sentence structures is probably more useful than the randomized words. The sentences usually translate to the same thing.