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Frozen Free Fall Cheats: Tips & Tricks

Disney has just released Frozen Free Fall for iOS and we are here to help you get a step forward with some Frozen Free Fall cheats – a series of tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of the game and at the same time bag as many three star rewards as possible. Or at least complete all the levels as fast as possible.

So let’s get this going and let’s check out below the Frozen Free Fall cheats: tips and tricks article below!

1. Start at the bottom
Whenever you start a board, first look at the multiple matches that you can make to trigger combos (4 pieces, 5 pieces or T/L shaped matches) and start at the bottom. Matching the shapes at the bottom gives you chances for more combos on top, and combos are your friends.

2. Go for at least 4 piece matches
Try to play the game in such a way that you make it easier to match at least 4 pieces on the board to get the special pieces. But don’t hurry to trigger them as soon as you get them and make sure you use them to get rid of as many pieces as possible when you trigger them.

3. Keep an eye on your moves left

In some cases, it might be for your best interest to match just three pieces or use a power-up in order to complete the level. This should be your main priority, so always keep an eye on your level requirements and moves left to make sure that you complete the level. There’s no point in getting a huge score if you don’t finish the level.

4. Use the Boosts sparingly
They might be extremely helpful, but they are also pretty expensive. Make sure that when you use them, you get the most bang for that. In my opinion, the best to use is the girl companion’s power-up, the snowflake. That can really turn things in your favor.

5. Don’t hurry to complete the level
I found out that in many cases, completing the level with more than 10 moves doesn’t give me that big of a bonus because most of them are wasted on exploding pieces that no longer have surrounding pieces. So try to keep the moves left to under 9 when completing your levels.

6. Replay levels that you fail
Sometimes, the odds might just be against you – replaying the same level might make the whole thing a lot easier, so don’t be afraid to keep playing the same level over and over again until you eventually get it.

7. The extra lives cheat
If you don’t want to wait for extra lives, simply move forward the date of your iPhone/iPad and you will be ready to play Frozen Free Fall on your device with a full set of hearts.

And these would be for now our Frozen Free fall tips and tricks – do you have any others to share with us? Let us know by commenting below.

32 comments on “Frozen Free Fall Cheats: Tips & Tricks

  1. 116 Timberlake Dr
    I am playing level 66 and have seen lots of explosions and then an increase of frost blocks after that. I also notice that when matching three or four, frost blocks are affected but not eliminated. When I have actually counted the # left to elliminate, the # doesn’t match the actual blocks on the screen. Any one else experiencing the same?

    • On that level there are two phases to the ice blocks. One explosion takes the first “layer” of ice off and then the next explosion eliminates the ice block. The ice blocks count as two so if you have six frozen blocks left you have 12 layers to eliminate.

  2. I cannot pass level 79. The frost grows back and I cannot end up without having at least 1 or 2. I’ve been playing this level for a week now and I’m done with it.

  3. I can’t seem to get past level 90. I need to get to a score of 60,000 but the absolute highest i can get is 40,000. I think this level just may be impossible. There are way to many jewels stuck in ice. The other type of ice that grows, i can’t get matches near it very often and there just isn’t enough room starting off on the board for me to make combos. I spend almost all my moves just trying to make more room on the board

  4. How many levels are there? I’m at 224 at the bottom of map. Tip_- for timed levels concentrate on making matches as quickly as possible because scores increase the more you make in a row , also try to save power crystals until you’ve made many matches in a row and tone is at its highest pitch to maximize scoring. Last timed level I completed required 220,000 to pass took a while to get through it but when I did I was amazed I scored 260,000 with no power ups or hour glasses.


  6. I have a dumb question the torch on the page how do you go about using that everywhere I’ve looked there’s nothing mentioned about how to use it? Please help. Thanks in advance. Tammy

      • This game lets you win or not. Most are not winnable. You just have to keep trying until you get a winnable game. Some require repeated power ups and combined power ups to win.

        For the timed ones the faster you match the more points you get so go fast.

  7. I have a new iphone. Im on level 255. Want to tranfer my progress onto a new iphone. How do i do that? Please help!!!

  8. I made it to the end on 285. I can’t get thru to the summer map. Is there a way to do it that I’m not aware of? I tapped on the Olaf icon and couldn’t get thru. Thank you

  9. Does anyone know how to get support for Frozen Free Fall? I have looked all over and tried everything I can think of to get them! In the fall area where a person is suppose to match three and blow the leaves my will not count down. Very upset! I love this game!

  10. I am seeking the Secrets for level 204, I have not been successful reaching the 140,000 points needed in the 130 seconds allotted. It’s making my hair turn gray ;-) thanks for your help!

    • Level 204 impossible…I’m sick of it already! The videos are no help….they go too fast to be able
      To see it…….they should have written out help! I’m ready to pack it in…..too boring….it seems
      When they’re ready to let you win, you finally win….
      Sick of wolves, sick of timed games, sick of a lot of things….boooooooooo

  11. That wasn’t my email. Mine was that I’m trying to reach their support people because one of my levels isn’t working. Or either I don’t understand what to do. It’s the first level in the fall where you blow the leaves mine doesn’t do anything when I make matches around it. The leaves blow but the counter doesn’t count down. If you can help with either problem I would appreciate it. Thank you lucille

  12. I’m on level 94 in the Christmas area… Can’t seem to get the last 2 fires to ignite. They are both in the bottom right corner. Also on level 93, I have completed it, but can’t get the collectible. Any tips on either level???

  13. I set the date and time on my phone forward to get more lives. When i changed back to the real date and time i had negative seventeen lives and had to wait almost a whole day to play again. Is there a way to keep lives from being negative when you change date and time settings? Thanks.

  14. I am playing frozen free fall and I’m stuck on level 29 is there any tips on getting the 2 items down when the items are on the otherside

  15. Love this game but can not being myself to give them money for in app purchases. I’m on level 170 and you can get through without buying their developers a summer home on Mars!
    I have heard tell of mods that work being download able for free on torrent & Warez sites. Also, if you are familiar with the deep Web or hidden Web there are some interesting things if you use the ‘Tor’ browser or onion site.

  16. I’m stuck on level 187 but absolutely refuse to spend any more money on this game. I like the game but it’s waaaay too expensive. Why aren’t there rewards for logging in every day like in the Minion rush game? And maybe be able to use the snowflakes collected to purchase helpful items? This game is just a big money grab as far as I’m concerned.

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