Of all the weapons a boy hero could use against the nefarious robot forces who have kidnapped his father, I doubt many people would put bubble gum on that list but that’s exactly what players can do in  publisher Warner Bros.’ and developer Sarbakin’s new iOS game AdvenChewers.

AdvenChewers plays out as a side-scrolling action-arcade adventure in which players guide a young boy on a quest to save his father from a band of evil robot enemies. The twist is that the boy must use a variety of different bubble gums, each one granting him a different power like electricity or flight, to defeat the robots and solve environmental puzzles. Each of AdvenChewers’ 48 different levels is chock full of secrets and collectables, including bird powerups that can unlock a powerful phoenix ally.

The game also has built-in leaderboards and Facebook integration so players can challenge their friends to beat their high scores or finish certain levels under a certain time. Optional in-app purchases also allow players to customize the boy protagonist with various helmets, outfits, and other optional powerups. For more info, give the below debut trailer a gander.

AdvenChewers is available now via the iTunes app store for $.99.